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Product Destruction Services

There is value to be gained in product recycling, and brand equity to be saved through proper product destruction services. While some circumstances call for complete product destruction, we work with clients to determine which goods, if any, can be recycled and subsequently destroyed. This not only demonstrates corporate responsibility on our clients’ behalf, but also creates opportunity to minimize losses, as the raw materials recovered can be used in future products or sold for profit.  Plus, proper disposal of excess goods eliminates the risk of defective or end-of-life products making it back to the hands of unknowing customers, potentially tarnishing or diluting the brand’s perceived value.

Fully Compliant Product Recycling & Destruction

Our recycling and destruction processes are compliant with EPA regulatory standards, which means you won’t have to worry about hefty costs as a result of noncompliance. In 2018, a well-known home improvement retailer was fined $28 million for unlawful disposal of “hazardous wastes,” and this wasn’t an isolated incident. In the past decade alone, six of the top ten U.S. retailers have been fined over $100 million for hazardous waste violations.

A little known fact is that once discarded, many everyday products like cosmetics, cleaning agents, and electronics fall under the umbrella of hazardous waste, according to the EPA. Currently, there are 23 states which hold retailers and manufacturers responsible for proper disposal of hazardous waste, with fines far surpassing the cost of implementing a proper recycling and disposal program.

Guaranteed Evidence of Service & Compliance

While a “certificate of destruction” might seem official - it doesn’t actually prove anything.  We’ve heard too many horror stories of companies working with seemingly reputable recyclers who end up outsourcing their product destruction services. At best, this results in a breach of contract between the client and recycler with no obvious consequences. At worst, the client’s excess products ultimately end up in unauthorized landfills or back into the market (known as the “gray market”) - either of which can (and often do) have huge financial, legal, and PR repercussions.

In other words, it’s worth it to be positive about where, when, and how your products are recycled and destroyed. With Tekovery’s full service product recycling and destruction services, you will have complete, indisputable evidence of your products’ destruction, whether that means we record the process for your records, or have our team travel to conduct the service on-site at your own facility.


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