Reverse Logistics Consulting & Compliance

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Consulting & Compliance

When your reverse supply chain needs call for the recycling and destruction or resale of goods, you need a partner proficient in best excess inventory practices for an eco-friendly, sustainable, and legal reverse logistics process — specifically, a partner who knows the laws and regulations related to asset disposition.

On-site Auditing

As your excess inventory consultant, we’ll work with you to audit all of your current reverse logistics solutions, ensuring maximum cost efficiency, brand protection, and state-specific regulatory compliance. Regardless of your location, our team will travel to you to learn your specific needs. We’ll also meet with your local recycler to audit their recycling and destruction operations, ensuring that all processes are up-to-date and lawful.

Full Visibility

We offer GPS-enabled downstream tracking technology, which allows you to track your product’s location at all times, providing full visibility into the end-of-life cycle of your goods. With the right partner, you can mitigate risk by ensuring that your products are properly and responsibly recycled and destroyed,  rather than falling into the hands of liquidators and onto the gray market.

With Tekovery as your compliance consultant, you can optimize your reverse supply chain to preserve brand equity, reduce costs, and avoid costly regulatory fines.


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