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Brand Protection for Your Excess and Returned Inventory

Asset disposition; excess stock management; reverse logistics - there’s no shortage of industry jargon around the reverse supply chain dilemma of returned, recalled, excess, end-of-life, defective, or obsolete goods. The general sentiment is that it’s a necessary evil - nothing more than an irritating and costly byproduct of selling goods. But when handled strategically through brand protection services, reverse logistics can actually yield returns and minimize loss.

Our brand protection services include the recycling, destruction, and authorized resale of excess inventory. This allows manufacturers to maintain complete control over their brand’s product footprint.

Tekovery helps businesses:

  • Keep trademarked merchandise off the unpredictable, unregulated gray market
  • Maintain total control of product price and positioning in the secondary market
  • Avoid costly EPA regulatory fines for improper product disposal
  • Recycle and destruct goods to preserve raw materials where possible

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Are you protecting it?

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Brand Protection Services

Full Service Recycling and Destruction

Recycle and destroy your excess inventory in a compliant, cost effective, and confidential manner.

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Authorized Product Resale

Oversee every aspect of your products resale, from selecting the right sales channels, to determining price and positioning.

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Consulting and Compliance

We'll audit your current reverse logistics solutions, ensuring maximum cost efficiency, brand protection, and state-specific compliance.

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