Reverse Logistics

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Superior Recovery, Superior Solutions. Our green reverse logistics solutions enable retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to avoid the costs of returns processing while maximizing recovery on their excess inventory and customer returns.

Retail Returns Management

Handling your customer returns end-to-end. Our streamlined system surpasses clients’ internal process by reducing inventory levels, cycle time, and labor costs. Available solutions include repair, refurbishment, repacking, returning to stock, and remarketing.


Harvest the good, recycle the obsolete. Our green reverse logistics process maximizes the residual value of return or excess stock while avoiding gray market sales, and ensuring your reputation remains safeguarded. We help disassemble your products for parts harvesting, remarketable components, or scrap commodities without threat to your Intellectual Property (IP).

Customer Care

Five-star support, one-call resolution. Increase customer loyalty and sales while minimizing returns. We provide dedicated, always-on support teams trained on your brand's value proposition, and products.


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