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Your organization is unique; shouldn’t your options be too? We understand everyone has their own distinct needs, and provide several solutions for recouping the value of your surplus equipment:

Profit Sharing

A little tender loving care goes a long way. Achieve maximum recovery through our extensive network of major marketplaces. We refurbish your equipment going direct to consumer for full retail value – you sit back, and enjoy up to 90% of MSRP.

Quick Cash

Because cash is king! We pay fair market value (FMV) based on the condition of your equipment. No service fees, or other bogus charges – payment is in your hands within thirty business days.

Charitable Donation

Become the great unifier. Help bridge the gap within our communities. We refurbish your equipment – you choose whether it be donated directly, or resold with proceeds given to a worthy cause.

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Use our Asset Valuator to find out the best and most accurate market price for your used IT equipment.

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