Healthcare Industry Services

HIPAA Compliant Recycling & Data Destruction

Medical institutions need to comply with specific, stringent regulations when it comes to data security. Tekovery’s suite of e-waste recycling and destruction services meet HIPAA compliance so you can be sure that your data, and that of your patients, is never compromised.

Proper Disposal for a Range of Needs

Tekovery provides many services that your team needs to safely and securely dispose of e-waste and medical media. Our services are not limited to just X-ray recycling or HIPAA compliant data destruction. Our recycling or destruction services include:

Safe and Secure Asset Solutions

From wiping data off unwanted laptops to recycling components of MRI machines, Tekovery has the experienced team of experts that your institution needs. Tekovery provides one-call resolution support for any HIPAA compliant services.