E-Waste Recycling Circuit Board Recycling

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Comprehensive Circuit Board Recycling Services

Providing a full-service experience, our circuit board recycling team is committed to getting you the highest return on your end-of-life electronics. With end-to-end processing and disposal services, Tekovery successfully recycles bulk circuit boards and components while complying with our no-landfill policy.

Circuit Board Recycling Solutions

The Tekovery suite of circuit board recycling services includes the recycling, parts harvesting, and scrapping of:

  • Circuit Boards
  • Computer Memory
  • Motherboards
  • Video Cards
  • Much More

Complete, Expert Services

At Tekovery, we recognize how important your time is. That’s why we provide one-call resolution support. Whether you have questions about our circuit board recycling or any other process, our dedicated, always-on support teams are trained to serve you.


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