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Certified, Secure ATM Recycling & Disposal Solutions

Are you protecting sensitive financial information during your ATM machine recycling or disposal process? With the rise in “off-premises ATMs” due to mobile banking and declining branch traffic, more and more ATMs need to be properly disposed of and recycled.

According to Retail Banking Research, “off-premises ATMs” and branch locations will contribute to 4 million operating ATMs. As installations increase so does the need for proper ATM recycling and disposal services. Could you be putting your bank, and your customers, in jeopardy?

As the ATM Industry Association's "Best Practices Guide for Decommissioning ATMs" highlights, simply scrapping ATMs, or even handing them to your local recycling company, can lead to unforeseen liability during the disposal process. You want to "avoid situations where an ATM ends up on eBay, or in the hands of a criminal who can perform reverse engineering on the machine," said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. With this in mind Tekovery makes ATM recycling simple and easy.

As just one part of Tekovery's suite of financial industry services, our ATM machine recycling solutions dismantle your end-of-life ATMs for harvestable components, reusable parts, or scrap commodities. Our unique, direct-to-refinery system ensures absolute destruction of your automated teller machines—safeguarding your reputation, and avoiding gray market sales.

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