Data Destruction Certified Data Erasure

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Certified Data Erasure You Can Depend On

Our secure, certified data erasure solutions permanently destroy data on your hard drives, solid state disks (SSD), USB drives, and other media – preventing any possibility of future recovery.

Maximum Value Recovery

Our data wiping services allow your devices to be redeployed or resold, and ensures maximum value recovery on your end-of-life assets. Instead of shredding or degaussing processes that render hard drives unusable, Tekovery’s certified data erasure solutions allow you to realize a return on your assets.

DoD and NIST Standards

Our process of data erasure exceeds current National Industrial Security Program (NISP), Network Information Security & Technology (NIST), and Department of Defense standards, including other industry-specific standards. Your assets are completely secure and Tekovery’s data wiping services leave no trace of your previous data.


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