Data Center Decommissioning

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Expert Data Center Decommissioning Services

To effectively relocate or decommission a data center, you need to partner with an experienced company that will take the lead on data erasure, destruction, and other essential data center decommissioning services. Tekovery can simplify the entire process for you while ensuring that your data remains secure.

Data Center Relocations Done Right

No matter the size of your data center relocation, the process of inventory reconciliation, moving servers, and minimizing downtime is not easy. The experienced, full-service team at Tekovery can execute all of the necessary tasks to provide a secure chain of custody and minimize risk to your operation.

Your Concerns Met With Solutions

The process of data center decommissioning, relocation, or consolidation raises questions and concerns at every level of your organization. Our data center relocation and decommission services are compliant with various federal and international regulations and we are recognized as an R2 certified recycler - adhering to responsible, eco-friendly IT asset disposal processes.


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